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Stuck in Transition?

The transition area can be a very challenging area for most amateur players. Sometimes it is referred to as No Man's Land which can be a very misconceiving term. For the returning team, you always hit and get to the non-volley zone. However, as the serving team you do not want to rush to the non-volley zone. Instead, focus on hitting a good low ball first and then moving forward. The goal should be to hit a shot that buys you time to move forward.

If you can do that in one shot, great. Majority of the time you may need to hit 2 or 3 shots before you find yourself at the kitchen line. As hard as it is, try to remember it is not a race to get up. In order to be a good player, you must become comfortable playing in the transition area.

The number one mistake I see most players make in transition is attacking balls that are knee height and lower. Here is why you should avoid doing that:

  1. Your opponents are already at the kitchen. At this moment, they have the upper hand in positioning.

  2. You are swinging up on a ball, which will cause it to have an upward trajectory.

  3. You will not have time to move forward, ultimately getting stuck in transition.

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