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2 ways to stay ahead of your opponents in 2024!

Every year we see new evolutions in pickleball that changes the way we need to approach the game. Gone are the days of paddles with no grit and opponents that cannot hit the ball hard. In this blog, I will go over a few ways you can stay ahead of your opponents this year and not get left behind!

The game is becoming more aggressive, adjust your mindset! 

  • With new paddle technology, faster balls, and new players with a vast background in sports, there is no hiding from the fact that pickleball is getting faster. Use this as an advantage and not something your opponents can use against you. To help with this, keep reminding yourself to stay aggressive. This does not mean you will attack any and everything, it just means you are not just simply keeping the ball in play. When you first begin playing, getting the ball in play is great. As your game evolves, you need to start thinking more offensively with your shots. A drop shot, dink, and lob can be aggressive shots. Work on becoming more aggressive with these shots to create your opportunities on the court. 

Topspin, topspin, topspin 

  • This relates to new paddle technology as well, but hitting shots with topspin is becoming a necessity, not just a cool shot. The past few years, slice has been a great option, and at times still can be. With topspin though, players can hit the ball harder or higher and still keep the ball in play. To adapt with this, start practicing hitting deep topspin return of serves and learn how to hit a medium paced 3rd shot drive with top spin. Use top spin to set your points up, do not anticipate that they will be your willing shot. Be ready for the ball to come back and then put the ball away.

These two things I not only see happening a lot more in clinics/lessons but also when I play in my own tournaments. Pickleball is ever evolving, keep trying new things to continue to evolve your own game!

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